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  13. Обява № 6556097

❤️ Alessa ❤️ Book me by WhatsApp ❤️

Обява №:
Цена за час:
250 лв.
27 г
172 см
Цвят на очите:
Сини очи
Цвят на косата:
Руса коса
Видове секс:
Класически секс Анален секс Групов секс Лесбо шоу
Френска с презерватив Френска без презерватив Дълбоко гърло Кунилингус Анилингус
В устата На гърдите На лицето
Други услуги:
Играчки Пенис колан Стриптийз Строга господарка Влизане в роля Масаж
Цена за 2 часа:
500 лв.
Цена за вечер:
1500 лв.
Цена за анален секс:
350 лв.
Говорими езици:
Български English Русский
Собствен терен Ходене по адреси Хотел
Работно време:
After 16:00 to 06:00
Актуализирана днес. Валидна още 35 дни.
Допълнителна информация


I USE WHATSAPP, you can write me for meet!!!

Hello dear,I am Alessa russian Luxury girl for real gentlemens!, this sweet girl, I am 27 years old and I am very beautiful, I am ready to drive you crazy with pleasure!

In my service I will be your luxury girlfriend, with soft, fragrant skin, I love to feel good next to a polite and kind man. I am very naughty and no frills, a woman’s delight and I’m sure you will love meeting me.There are customers who go out with me and the fee that they pay me will not make a difference in their lives, but there are others who collect money for a long time just to have the opportunity to touch me for 1 hour.

So I like to treat everyone in the best possible way, always exceeding expectations, nothing is worth a pretty face, when the person does not have simplicity, affection for others and education.

I usually start my care in an innovative way, because I hate monotony, a massage that will relax you and provide countless benefits.

I am highly praised for my unique oral sex, you need to try it, I love doing fetishes and I have accessories for domination, experience in threesomes, swing and orgies,

In addition to sexual care, I also do public escorts, usually at events or restaurants, representing a beautiful and charming girlfriend for you.

My photos are real 1000%!
I offer full service 500 leva and GFE 600 leva!
100% medical control!
100% anonimius!

Пишете ми Единствено на WhatsApp за да организираме среща!

Виж 6 коментара
10.02.2020 23:45 (преди 343 дни) stream81
Happy to share my experience with this girl.
Her location is easy to find, the place itself is clean and cozy. Alessa herself is absolutely stunning and gorgeous.
That was my best experience ever with an escort - really high class.
If you can afford it, go for it. There are no other girls like Russians :)
22.03.2020 16:19 (преди 303 дни) hellf1re
Реална ли е обявата?
08.09.2020 02:33 (преди 133 дни) elit.escorts.girls
The most beautiful girl in this site ???
15.10.2020 15:45 (преди 96 дни) max3000
You are very sexy and hot
I will come to Sofia soon
I would like to meet for on hour in your place
23.10.2020 00:23 (преди 88 дни) vlade
Невероятната си бейби свободна ли ви
07.11.2020 16:34 (преди 73 дни) dimal (НИКИ)
криза е Пожалуйста!
Контакт с подателя
обл.София, гр. София, I USE ONLY WHATSAPP

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